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Teaching and learning through play, creativity and the imagination

We’ll help your child develop mastery in numeracy and literacy through our innovative approach to early years education.

The early years education of your child will lay the foundations for all the years to come. Making sure your child gets the best possible start is something that every parent wants and it’s what we deliver.

Children learn through playing with each other and interacting with the environment around them. That’s why we create environments and educational activities that stimulate play and interaction.

Play allows children to explore, investigate and re-enact in an environment where they are free from fear and judgement. And it’s through play children become socially adept while developing mastery in numeracy and literacy. It helps fine and gross motor skills development and helps develop core stability which in turn helps children to learn how to write and supports creative growth.

Whether they are counting shells, making potions or climbing trees, your child will be developing problem solving skills, self-awareness and all the while becoming happy, confident individuals who will go on to make a positive and valuable contribution to society.

Studies have shown brain development is massively enhanced by emotionally responsible care. Nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and emotional well-being are essential to healthy brain development and creating well-balanced individuals.

In the under 4s, learning happens everywhere and all the time. By the time a child is past 4, 80% of their brain’s potential is already developed. That’s why everything your child does at Naturally Learning is designed to provide them with meaningful, engaging learning experiences.


"How we interact with children in the early years and the experiences we provide have a big impact on emotional development and learning ability." - Naturally Learning


"Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand." - Chinese proverb


"A warm and welcoming environment where they nurture and support our child in his development, listen to our wishes and adapt to the child's needs." - Jim, parent of Matthew


"Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world." - Maria Montessori

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