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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

As the brain begins to develop in the womb it is nearly complete by the age of four. It is in the early years of life that brain growth occurs most quickly with multitudes of new connections being made every day. At Naturally Learning we understand the importance of early brain development and have created an ethos that promotes a holistic approach to childcare. 

Integral to our ethos is the importance of nurturing the child as a whole. At Naturally Learning we strive to ensure the positive development of our children’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical wellbeing. As we respect our children as individuals we encourage their personalities to develop alongside the promotion of creativity, independence and resilience. 

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world” Maria Montessori.

It is important to us to prepare homemade food that provides our children with the nutrients to grow, nurturing environments and interesting resources that promote learning, and high quality educators that give professional love to all of our children. 


As children’s senses develop in the early years they can easily become over stimulated. At Naturally Learning we know that children are sensitive and have created a neutral environment that children are happy to explore. 

Amongst the calming spaces our children have access to a wide range of stimulating learning opportunities and a variety of resources to investigate. At Naturally Learning there are quiet places to rest and reflect, communication-friendly spaces to talk with friends, areas designed to spark creativity and imagination, things to question and count, sensory trays to explore, and places to read or write. 

At Naturally Learning, we have space to play.  

“To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely” Maria Montessori.

As part of our ethos children have access to continuous provision throughout the day as well as adult led activities. Although a regular routine helps our children feel settled and secure they also lead the flow of play. At Naturally Learning our children have continual access to our gardens and outdoor classrooms as we believe in the importance of outdoor learning. 

At Naturally Learning we provide private changing areas and sleep spaces to ensure that children feel safe and secure. It is important to us that each child has their own set of clean bedding and we only use natural products on our children’s sensitive skin. We also provide space for our children’s personal belongings and display their photographs to ensure they feel at home. 

We do not use harsh cleaning products or chemicals amongst the children and use natural essential oils to create a calming environment.  

Outdoor Learning

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky” Margaret McMillan. 

Outdoor learning is an integral part of our ethos at Naturally Learning. We believe that when children are immersed in nature they begin to develop a respectful relationship and learn to value our natural world. 

At Naturally Learning our children have the opportunity to spend much of their time outside and experience multiple learning opportunities in our outdoor classrooms and gardens. At Naturally Learning our Forest and Beach School sessions are integral to our ethos and beliefs.  

As part of our holistic approach to childcare we believe that the opportunities presented by experiencing Forest and Beach School offer an additional element to Outdoor Learning. Our sessions not only teach our children complex concepts about our natural world but also provide multiple learning and development opportunities.

For further information about Forest and Beach School at Naturally Learning please ask to view our written publications. 


At Naturally Learning we strive to provide real experiences and multi-sensory opportunities for our children to access throughout the day. We avoid traditional shop-bought toys and use real objects and open-ended resources to extend children’s thinking and creativity. 

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst beautiful things” Plato.

All of our resources are easily accessible and clearly labelled so the children can request whatever they need. At Naturally Learning we understand the importance of independence and support our children to make their own choices as well as encouraging them care for our resources and environments. 

At Naturally Learning we know that sharing is something children need to learn in their own time so provide plenty of resources. We strongly believe in sustainability and re-use and recycle resources where possible. 


We know that good nutrition is a fundamental aspect for healthy growth and development. At Naturally Learning we promise to feed our children well encouraging them to grow, developing their brain, and strengthening their immune system. 

Our inclusive approach to food ensures that our in-house chefs make wholesome meals from a variety of homegrown ingredients and fresh local produce. At Naturally Learning we provide a seasonal three-week menu that includes multiple opportunities for children to grow, harvest, and prepare their own foods from our gardens. 

As part of our ethos we encourage healthy routines and promote positive eating habits. Our children sit down to eat at the table with their friends, use real cutlery and glasses where appropriate, and our older children will begin to serve themselves independently. 

“A balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables can have a positive impact on children’s growth, behaviour, and long term development. It can also reduce their risk of health problems, such as heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, asthma, and obesity” Nippers Nutrition. 

At Naturally Learning we accommodate each individual families needs and have experience safeguarding children from forbidden foods. We have also been awarded a five star rating by the Nippers Nutrition Programme as recognition for our commitment to healthy eating.  


At Naturally Learning we invest in our staff team and promote professional development. Our well-qualified, knowledgeable and experienced staff team support our children at each stage of their journey.  

Our Baby Room educators provide a home-from-home experience for our youngest children. Our caring staff team build nurturing relationships with each child and work in partnership with their family to develop the most suitable routines. 

As children reach the age of two their personalities are rapidly developing and our staff team are ready to meet their individual needs. Our knowledgeable educators provide a safe base for our children to explore the challenge of independence. 

“The great teacher inspires” William Arthur Ward.

Our well-qualified teachers lead the learning for our older children. At this stage we know that children learn best when they are fully immersed in their education. Our teachers introduce project based learning that the children have planned themselves through their own interests and enquiries. 

Our experienced teachers work closely with local primary schools and understand the importance of school readiness. At Naturally Learning we raise independent and capable learners who are ready to take on the next challenge.  

The Key Person 

As part of our ethos we believe in the importance of supporting your family from the very beginning. From your first contact with Naturally Learning we are getting to know your family.

Once settled we will ensure that the whole staff team understand your child and can assure you that they will always receive the same care and professional love. 

“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” James Comer.

Your child will also have their own key person based on a natural bond they develop with an individual member of the team. This strong attachment will help your child to settle and provide a first point of contact for your family.  The Key Person will observe your child’s progress and provide you with regular updates on their development. 

Contact us to book a look around and start your adventure with Naturally Learning