Our Food

Healthy food for healthy children

Good nutrition is a fundamental aspect in the healthy growth and development of all children. That’s why all our food is freshly prepared by our in-house chef.

Home grown food, seasonal local produce and an inclusive approach allow us to provide the very best nutrition at Naturally Learning.

This approach has been recognised by the Nippers’ Nutrition Programme, which has awarded the nursery five stars for its healthy eating and education.

Nutrition forms part of the foundations that each child’s health and wellbeing is built from. Good nutrition allows the brain to develop stronger and faster in young children while at the same time strengthening the immune system.

Food, and our relationship with food, plays a huge part in our lives. Keeping food fresh, fun and diverse means this becomes an active relationship for the children and helps develop their understanding of what healthy food is, where it comes from and why a balanced diet is important.

We have an 11-day menu so children get the opportunity to experience a range of different foods. This changes seasonally and we only use local food providers – buying in seasonal local vegetables and free-range, high welfare Cornish meat and dairy.

Our 5-star rated kitchens are at the heart of our nurseries so the children can see where the food is prepared and get involved themselves. When it comes to pizza, bread and pasty making they love to help – especially when it comes to making the dough.

We even grow our own food which the children all help with. From tomatoes and strawberries to cucumbers and courgettes, we take them from seed to plate. Everything is made by our in-house chef, prepared in our kitchens and always smells great!

Providing children with the right nutrition teaches them what’s necessary for good health and sets them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and supports their optimal growth.

Our food is the energy keeping our children going so they can learn, grow, develop and play with the right fuel inside them.

We’re delighted that the Naturally Learning approach has been recognised by the Nippers’ Nutrition Programme which has awarded us Five Stars.

Download one of our typical menus here


We encourage the children to join in and help to make all the food that is eaten on the premises


We only use locally sourced fresh produce and always try to buy organic food wherever possible.


"It is suggested that 30% of our foundation is based on what and how we eat." - Naturally Learning


"Almost 50 percent of the calories young children consume support their intense brain activity, therefore, what and how children eat can affect their bodies INCLUDING their brain."


"It is suggested that 30% of our foundation is based on what and how we eat." - Naturally Learning

Why not try a meal yourself? Pop in for a guided tour and we’ll show you all our wonderful food